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Let’s Welcome the Spirits of Spring!!

Come join us (in person!) for an In-depth flower essence workshop. You will learn how to create flower essences while practicing your intuition and learning how to communicate with the plants and flowers at a spiritual level.

What are flower essences? 

Flower essences are the culmination of a plant's energy, at their highest vibration, prepared into a liquid form from living flowers, plants and trees, everything in the universe carries it's own language of energy so when you consume a flower essence, you are being met by the vibration and essence of the living flower, tree or plant.

These are helpful in supporting our emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing the vibration of the essence to interact, support and raise your vibration. They can be very subtle, gentle, and also work very deeply, helping to bring forward old patterns and behaviors to the conscious mind to be looked at, they can assist in calming the nervous system and help in protecting your energetic field when out in the world plus much more…

In this 2 hour workshop Melissa Lisette of @barefootsoul @honeylemonbalm will take you deep into the world of flower essences. 

Date: Thursday, April 7th, 2022

Time: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Location: Raine and River Apothecary, 299 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ

Price: $75

Register here at

Or in-person at:
Raine and River Apothecary
299 Grove Street, Jersey City, NJ.

Requirements: Notebook & Pen


Refund policy:
Once you enroll in a workshop/course your enrollment is final. I secure your seat and commit to you. I ask that you bring that same level of commitment. No cancellations or refunds. This rule is firm, please enroll mindfully.

If for whatever reason a class is cancelled by us or has a date change that doesn’t fit in your schedule we will offer to transfer funds to another workshop or issue a refund then.