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by Natasha Bony on September 03, 2021

"I had the most AMAZING experience at Raine N River! It was truly a blessing to meet Natasha and her staff. The store is clean, well stocked, and beautiful. If you are a spiritual practitioner, you will immediately be able to FEEL the powerful energy of the space. I found everything I needed, and some things I didn't know I needed. The best part is, Natasha and her staff NEVER pressured me to purchase anything, they were simply there to assist me with buying what Spirit sent me there to get. I highly recommend Raine N River for your medicinal herbalism and spiritual needs. My Ancestors led me there and it was so worth it."

Nyla Sampson


"I was waiting for an Apothecary or Metaphysical shop to pop up in the area and stumbled upon this one by accident. I was so impressed by the decor, the products and the great service. There's a good selection of items for someone like me and my spiritual practice. I felt welcomed and love the vibe and the energy of the place. I'm happy that Jersey City has a place like this and excited to be supporting this local business."

Timeless Tarot with Nina


"I cannot say enough about JC’s new treasure, Raine n River. The store is beautiful, the staff superb, and products are a diverse array of custom elixirs, candles, herbs, and gifts. I have found myself frequenting the store weekly for Natasha’s (owner) herbal remedies or when I just want to put together a fun and unique gift bag for friends and family.

Recently, I decided to get a Tarot card reading done by Brian. He was fantastic. Great energy and ON POINT!

Needless to say, I am infatuated with Raine n River. The staff is always super welcoming and accommodating. Welcome to the neighborhood Raine n River! We are so happy you are here!"

Diana M


"Wow. I am thrilled that this black owned business opened in New Jersey! It is such a clean, well organized, and magical apothecary and botanica! The beautiful decor coupled with the vintage accents makes you feel like you’re going back in time to when artisanal shops with specialty products existed. The owner, Natasha, is a master herbalist and healer who is so knowledgeable and helpful. I love the products that she makes- especially the elderberry syrup, hair products, magical candles, and womb healing products. Her staff also offers the best assistance. Everything is curated and made with black excellence and this place is ran with integrity. I appreciate that I can come here to get organic and rare herbs. It’s also a special venue because there are crystals, books, Oracle and tarot card decks, incense, and many other resources for your magical needs. I feel so connected because I see how Natasha is sharing so many Caribbean remedies with the world. Whenever I have a need, she knows just what to recommend. Finally, there’s a gifted psychic medium who’s often present to give readings. I highly recommend visiting for all of your conjuring and spiritual needs!!!"

Arlène Casimir


"Very nice clean and cozy shop loaded with tons of healthy products for one to choose from. For anyone seeking to stock their homes with detoxes, candles, natural creams and the like I definitely recommend this establishment."

Kevin Bond


"Not from NJ, I just happened to walk into this amazing little place, energy was beautiful.. Great service and omg everything and more than I expected.."

Hazel Ann Brown


"This store is so beautiful and Natasha is clearly a master in her field. My friend swears by Bloody Goodness for improving her iron and her energy. I have recommended it to several other friends who have come and also found Blood Goodness to be more effective than other herbs they tried. GO SEE NATASHA!"

Lissa Welles


"Love all of the products that I have purchased . It feels good to be able to call Raine n River when I am experiencing some pain in my body or just need something to keep me or my children in good shape. I have not been let down and she has a forever customer in me."

Jasmine T


"So many things to say about this wonderful store. Let’s just start with the natural herbal products which are so many to choose from. 100% satisfied with everything I’ve bought from Raine and River, the men’s tonic being my favorite. Definitely drop by if you’re in the Jersey City area. Everyone will make you feel very welcome."

Mark B


"I love Raine N River products! I have started a collection. It would be hard to pick a favorite product. A few of my favorites are the v-tea, bloody goodness iron building tonic, rose body oil, beautiful skin tea. I can go on and on. They have a wide range of spices and herbs. The customer service is on point. Natasha the owner is very knowledgeable. The energy out of this world!!"

Shana Sorhaindo


"This place has tons of precious gems for the mind, body, and soul. It's like a mini amusement boutique full of exciting rare products. If you have been searching for authentic remedies that actually works on human beings then look no further."

Akim'Bo Vegahvore


"Beautiful shop, beautiful knowledgeable owner. You walk into this store and know it is much more then a place to buy things - this is a place full of magic, full of opportunity for you to find healing, full of Natasha’s specially formulated ancestral medicines to bring you back to yourself. Along with a large variety of loose herbs, there are candles, oracle decks, stones and more for your spells and intention settings. Go see this for yourself, you’ll forget where you are."

melissa edwards


"I visited this Sacret space known to me as RAIN n River. As you approach the store one like myself connected to a force that was of serenity, peace, joy, relaxation and love, but that of warmth. The owner Is crafted with a gift to bring about soothing measures of herboilogy to the unbalanced core of being into a healthier balance. If you are connected to your being and you want to change or improve your love of self I do suggest you make it a visit here for divinity. Ashe."



"Been knowing the owner for some years now. Wonderful spirit and a humble person🤗. Been using some of her products before she open her store. I love drinking the teas, drops for pain & inflammation, the oils and etc. Raine n River is definitely the store to come to when you are not feeling well. Congrats again❤️🙏🏿🤗"

Moneque Frazier