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4 Ways to Protect Your Energy for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! It’s a time of joy and gathering with loved ones. There’s decorations and music and food to enjoy. Laughter and love. But for some, the holidays come with emotional triggers. So, protecting your energy is especially important during this season.

Traditional ways of protecting your energy may include burning Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse your space of negative and stagnant energy and even yourself. You could also try soaking in a spiritual bath. But these options may not be suitable when you have visitors and overnight guests.

Here are 4 Ways to Protect Your Energy for the Holidays

Call on Your Crystal Companion
The great thing about crystals is that they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They’re also great for added spiritual and energetic protection. And they’re discreet, too! (For those relatives that roll their eyes at your spiritual practices.)

Consider wearing a bracelet that has your favorite gemstone or crystal. You can even keep a small crystal in your pocket and whenever you feel you need to remind yourself of your power, you can simply reach into your pocket and hold it. Another great option is wearing it around your neck. There are so many beautiful crystal pendants and other unique jewelry options. Finally, you can strategically place crystals throughout your home if you are entertaining guests. This adds a nice touch of spiritual protection and upliftment to your space.

Crystals for protection: Black tourmaline, citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz, and rose quartz

Ditch Your Perfume for Spiritual Sprays
Another simple way of protecting your energy and the energy of your space is by using spiritual sprays. There are tons of options out there to choose from if you want a ready-made spray. But it’s as easy as buying yourself some Florida Water.

Fill up a small spray bottle with the spiritual cologne and spritz it all around your aura. As you do, ask for the protection of your energy for the duration of the day. Then move about your day feeling as though you have a beautiful protective shield around you that allows you to get close to the ones you love without taking on too much of their energy, especially if it’s of the lower vibration kind.

Return to the Breath
Deep breathing is like magic for the soul and the physical body. Tap into yourself over the holidays. If you feel the pings of anxiety creeping in or anger and irritation rearing its ugly head, walk away for a moment if you can and breathe. You can start by taking a deep belly breath through your nose. Imagine you’re filling your belly up like a balloon. When it’s full, hold it for a count of four, and then slowly release it with a gentle sigh out of your mouth. With each sigh imagine yourself releasing those feelings that were trying to overcome you. If you need more than four breaths, do it! This is for you, so listen to what your body needs. But you’d be surprised at how relaxed you can become with just a brief time away to connect with your breath.

Great little places to briefly escape and breathe: Kitchen pantry, bathroom, your car, or step outside and breathe in the fresh air!

Shower Meditation
If you come from a big family and are planning to have guests stay over during the holidays, it may be challenging to meditate in peace and quiet. A great option is to meditate in the shower. You can even burn a stick of incense like eucalyptus or use it in spray form to add a wonderful, embracing fragrance to your shower. Step in and for just a moment, be grateful for this space that you can call your own. Even if it’s only for a moment. Place both hands over your heart chakra and allow the water to run down your body. Tune into how it feels and through your hands that are placed over your heart chakra, imagine filling your body up with a beautiful shimmering light of protection. This could be done in as little as five minutes! When you come out of the shower, give yourself a smile in the mirror and say, “It’s going to be a beautiful day.”

Aromatherapy is a great companion for breathwork and meditation. So, dab your favorite essential oil over your heart chakra or in the palms of your hands so you can get little doses of that beautiful smell that can immediately relax the senses.

Happy Holidays!!!