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Cat Got Your Tongue? The Full Moon in Gemini Can Help You Speak Your Truth

With 2021 nearly behind us, focusing on cleansing ourselves and our space is important. One part of clearing out clutter before the New Year is voicing the things you’ve been holding back from communicating. There’s no better time to tap into that throat chakra and speak your truth then the Full Moon in Gemini, which peaks on December 18 at 11:36 pm EST. 

The third zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. So, consider a Full Moon in Gemini ritual that helps to balance your throat chakra so you can clearly say the things that need to be released. Since Venus goes retrograde shortly after the Full Moon, it’s a great time to have open conversations about love whether it’s for an existing relationship or one you’d like to manifest. Speaking our truth doesn’t necessarily mean talking to someone else, sometimes there are things we need to say to ourselves.


What you’ll need?


There are specific crystals that can help balance the throat chakra and are good to work with a Gemini Full Moon! Blue Quartz calms the throat chakra and enhances creativity and communication. Lapis Lazuli brings awareness, insight, and truth. Since the throat chakra is associated with blue, any blue stone or crystal can assist in balancing that energy vortex so you can express yourself clearly. 



Lavender, parsley, and anise are all go-to herbs for the Gemini Full Moon. When paired with herbs like lemon, slippery elm, rosemary, thyme, or sage, you could tap into the throat chakra, the full moon’s energy, and Venus retrograde. 




Many of the herbs mentioned above can also be used as an oil. If you’re soaking in a Full Moon in Gemini bath, you could add several drops of lavender, thyme, or rosemary oil. Other options include German chamomile, coriander, and geranium.



If you like the aromatherapy of incense to enhance your full moon ritual, you can use some of the herbs and oils mentioned above in incense form. Bergamot is another great choice, as well as Frankincense, which is credited with improving communication. 



Our eyes wide open candle can also help you to see the bigger picture of your life (third eye chakra), which can often help ignite the need to speak your truth! Our creation and love potion candles are also great divination tools for the Gemini Full Moon.