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Elements for June’s Strawberry Supermoon

Get ready! Today, June 14,th we will experience the second supermoon of this year. The first took place in May, and there are two more to follow in July and August. Supermoons are new or full moons that appear larger due to its proximity to Earth.



This Supermoon, also known as the Strawberry Supermoon, is in the sign of Sagittarius and will be at its peak at 7:52 am E.T. on June 14th. But those in North American time zones won’t be able to marvel at its beauty until later that evening. 

Still, the lunar energy is flowing strongly throughout the day whether you can see the moon or not. So, tap into the full moon, which allows us to shed what no longer serves us and really elevate into a higher vibration. 


Sagittarius is all about good vibes. The energy of this sign invites us to enjoy life to the fullest. Get out there! See the world. Even if it’s through little weekend getaways. Socialize with friends and family, and make laughter and joy a priority each day. 

The ninth sign of the zodiac also has a heightened view of justice. So, if you’ve been feeling the call to become more civically engaged or you simply want to do right by someone or something, do it. That Sag fire energy is giving you the space to do so. 

But before diving into the good vibes around you, let’s start within. A full moon spiritual bath could be exactly what you need to shed stagnant or negative energy so you can move full speed ahead with joyful moments and personal growth. 




Blue topaz is the birthstone of Sagittarius. Other crystals that stimulate this fire sign are turquoise, red garnet, blue lace agate, and black obsidian. 


Consider using these herbs for a full moon bath or foot soak. Go-to herbs under this full moon are sage, basil, saffron, moss, and dandelions, which are directly related to Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet. 



Whether you’re indulging in a spiritual bath or taking time to love on yourself in self-care at-home-spa fashion, you can use essential oils that correspond to this full moon to connect with its power. Consider using any of the following in a diffuser, a bath, or directly on your skin if it’s safe to do so. Oils like rosemary, jasmine, lavender, tea tree, patchouli, and pine, should definitely be on your full moon ritual list. 


Gift yourself with flowers every day! But under the Strawberry Supermoon, go get yourself a beautiful bouquet of carnations or chrysanthemums, which are considered Sag’s lucky flower.