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Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans

My friend got lucky and found himself a bride from Madagascar and I got lucky because he brought me back some GRADE A Bourbon Vanilla Beans for the shop. Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar are superior, with flavor and aromatic qualities that make Madagascar vanilla beans the most popular and sought after vanilla variety.

Bourbon vanilla is rich, dark and creamy with an overwhelming sweet scent. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world because it is so labor-intensive to produce. The flowers are hand-pollinated, and the bean pods are ripened, dried, and conditioned to create their distinctive flavor and aroma.

Traditionally vanilla has been used as a culinary delicacy by chefs, bakers and every household around the world, but vanilla has also been found to have therapeutic uses including as an aphrodisiac and to aid with gas relief, Its also been said that smelling vanilla has a calming, relaxing effect on both adults and kids and may also help with sleep issues and depression. Vanilla essential oil is said to have antioxidant, antibacterial and anti fungal properties and is great to add to formulas for the skin and hair.

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