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Herbs and Crystals for Women’s Wellness

We’ve been celebrating women all month long! One way to rejoice in the beauty, strength, resilience, and intelligence of women is by putting wellness at the forefront of everything we do. After all, consistent self-love and self-care ensure we can give an overflowing of love and care to those around us. 

So, during Women’s History Month and beyond, remember the little things you can do each day to show yourself love. Be mindful of what you put into your body. Care for yourself like you would a sexy, sleek luxury car. Feed your engine top-notch fuel, and make sure that beautiful body of yours shines from the inside out. This starts with you. 

Historically, women have been the stewards of ancestral knowledge about the power of herbs and women’s wellness. As women learned the land, they became aware of the array of herbs available for healing various ailments. The women from different villages and communities shared the various plants they used to care for their neighbors and kin. The knowledge spread and a new breed of herbal trailblazers were born. 

Today, we continue sharing this knowledge as we celebrate, cherish, and love you, as you should for yourself. 


Here are some crystals and herbs to help you along your way.


Gold – Awaken the goddess by adorning yourself in gold jewelry. This will automatically bring feelings of happiness and confidence into your energy field. If you really want to set your soul ablaze, adorn yourself in gold jewelry and nothing else. Take a moment to marvel at the regal goddess staring back at your reflection. Say, “I love you!”

Selenite – Promote peace and tranquility in your life with selenite. It provides clarity, clears blocked energy, helps you access your intuition, and vibrate on a high frequency. Selenite can also be used for spiritual protection and cleansing. This all-purpose crystal is a must-have in any woman’s life. 

Jade – Jade gets at the heart of the matter. It’s calming and soothing properties can help to eliminate fear and bring in comforts into your life that you may have let fall by the wayside. Jade is also a great way to connect with your ancestors and call on them for guidance.




Chamomile – Helps to relax, reduce menstrual pain and great for digestive issues. Make a nice tea with honey and lemon, and you’ll sleep like a baby. 

Oat Tops – Provides nervous system support, acts as an antidepressant, and assists with vaginal dryness.

Jasmine – Great for liver support. Helps with relaxation and calmness. Good for digestion and cholesterol. Also, a great aphrodisiac!  

Foti/Ho Shou Wu – Awaken that libido! Also, helps with premature graying, low blood pressure, and blood deficiency.

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