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Here’s A Spiritual Herbal Bath Your Baby Will Enjoy

Spiritual baths are not only reserved for adults. Babies and toddlers can benefit greatly from soaking in (or rather playing in) a bath intended to lift their spirit while soothing and cleansing their skin.

It’s also a great lesson in mindfulness. Allow your baby to play in the warm water and touch the herbs and flowers. Show them how to take a deep breath and exhale. Smile while you’re doing it and they’ll follow your lead. 


This bath is good for baby any time of year. But in the colder months, it will be an added comfort on those especially chilly days.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Oat Milk – Adding a cup of oat milk to a warm bath is excellent for soothing the skin, especially if your baby has eczema. 

Florida Water – Just a few splashes of Florida Water in the bath adds spiritual protection and aromatherapy to help your baby sleep peacefully. 

Lemon balm – This herb is wonderful for calming a restless, crying baby. It naturally helps to relieve stress and induce sleep. Like oat milk, lemon balm also helps to sooth sensitive skin, and its antibacterial properties are great combating acne-prone skin.

Lavender – The aroma from lavender is intoxicating and can provide your baby with feelings of peace and tranquility. It’s also great for relaxing muscle tension. 


Rose – Is your baby feeling anxious? Add some roses to their bath. The soft petals will be great for sensory perception as they also detox the body and melt those anxious feelings away. Try scooping a little rose bath water in your hands and gently let the water flow over the baby’s head. Watch and see how your little one reacts. 

Oat Straw – This herb is also great for relieving the itchiness of eczema as well as other ailments affecting the skin like hives. Oat straw is an extract that comes from the stems and leaves of the Avena sativa plant. Some studies have found it may reduce chronic inflammation.  

Chamomile – Soaking in a chamomile bath can have incredible benefits for reducing redness. It’s also great if baby scraps their knee at the park because of its natural antibacterial qualities that can help minimize scars and marks. Like oat milk and oat straw, chamomile is also wonderful for treating irritated and sensitive skin. 

Bay Leaves – These leaves are a natural toner that helps the skin look bright, healthy, and evenly toned. They’re also an excellent sleep aid and enriching hair.

A bonus for this spiritual herbal baby bath is adding some crystals to the water to charge the water with protection and love. Crystals like amethyst, tourmaline, and clear quartz can get the job done. Place the crystals in the water, around the bathtub, or have the baby hold them in their little hands like our model, Zaleilah Shaw, 2, demonstrates so perfectly.     



Photo credit: Alexus Mayfield
Model: Zaleilah Shaw