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How the New Moon in Pisces Can Help You Amplify Your Psychic Abilities

Under the new moon, it’s time to manifest the greatest. Depending on which zodiac sign the new moon is aligned with, there are specific areas of focus. When the New Moon in Pisces peaks on March 2 at 12:36 pm ET, we can tap into our psychic sensitivity and begin to strengthen that ability to support our journey through this human life.

Pisces is a water sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and development, and Neptune is the king of the sea and the psychic planet of ideals, intuition, spirituality, and compassion. So, pinpointing what you want to manifest and speaking it out into the universe during the Pisces new moon can help to expand your desires (Jupiter), and amplify your psychic abilities and divine connection (Neptune).

Since Pisces rules the feet, it’s a great time to indulge in a luxurious pedicure or a simple foot soak. Make a night of it by setting the ambiance for your new moon ritual. Light a candle, like our Creation Candle, which gives you space to write your wish on the candle. Dim the lights, and buy yourself some beautiful flowers to adorn your space. The 12th and last zodiac sign also loves music, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression. So, play a song that makes you move, write or recite some poetry, and dive deep into your inner being to uncover the depth of your abilities to navigate unfamiliar waters – the unconscious mind.

Here are some elements you can incorporate in your New Moon in Pisces ritual.


Moonstone – Good for third eye and crown chakra balance. Heightens intuition, self-discovery, and the goddess within.

Clear Quartz – Works with all the chakras. Can help to amplify one’s intention. Also good for clearing, cleansing, and healing energy.

Amethyst – This protection stone can assist in a stronger connection to the Divine. It can also help release addictions. Great for third eye and crown chakra work as well as the etheric often referred as the 8th chakra and beyond. This is our aura.

Aquamarine – If you choose to do a foot soak or even a bath, you can place this crystal in the water. Works well with the throat and heart chakras, and helps to enhance clear communication.


Lemon Balm – Helps to calm and relax the mind and body. Can reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep and the appetite.

Nettle – This nutritious plane may help reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.
Mugwort – Get a quick and natural energy boost or use mugwort to induce lucid dreams. Prepare it in a tea or use the herb in your foot soak or bath.

Lavender – This beautiful scent can lift your spirits and can ease stress, anxiety and depression.

Happy manifesting!