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Love Magick, Herbs, and Crystals for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether you celebrate or not, it will surely be a day that’s hard to miss. Regardless of whether you’re hitched or single, Valentine’s Day can be a beautiful celebration of love. Put your lover on the pedestal and show them just how much you care. If you’re riding solo, don’t hold back on giving yourself the love you deserve. By doing so, you may just call in that delicious love from another to set your soul ablaze. 


So, get out those crystals, fresh or dried herbs, candles, and anything else that brings love to the forefront of your day. This will be a Valentine’s Day to remember! 

Lovers Play Body Scrub

For everyone in a committed relationship, here’s a treat for you. This ritual can spark a fire that’s dwindled to an ember or ignite a newly found flame. 

Sensuality, intimacy, and sex can be playful and fun. When you can make your lover laugh and moan in an instant, you’ve found the secret sauce! 

Here’s some things you’ll need to get you there …

  • Obsidian stones 
  • Rose essential oil
  • Brown sugar
  • White candle (Recommended: Raine and River Apothecary’s Love Potion candle)


Recipe and Ritual

Mix two (2) tablespoons of honey with four (4) tablespoons of brown sugar and several drops of rose essential oil to your liking. (Please make sure your essential oil is safe to put directly on the skin. It may need to be mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil.)

This is best done in the shower. Enjoy a steamy shower with your lover. Let the steam play around your bodies as you begin applying to scrub to one another, using your hands first and then incorporating the obsidian stones for a gentle massage. The aromatherapy from the body scrub paired with the candlelight and gentle touch is sure to create electric energy. Then you can take it anywhere you’d like to go with your love!  

Self-Love Praise

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not reserved for couples. If you are single, you can create a sexy time all your own. Loving on yourself is the highest form of self-care. It raises the vibrational frequency of love within and around you, which can attract the love of your life. But, first, it’s all about you taking care of you. So, don’t hold back. Give yourself all the love and more that you’d expect from a lover. 

Here’s some things you’ll need to get you there …

  • Rose quartz
  • White, pink, or red roses (Feel free to get all three if you’d like!)
  • Florida Water
  • Sweet orange, Geranium, Rose, or Jasmine essential oil (choose your favorite or the one that’s calling you)
  • Champagne (there are non-alcoholic versions if you don’t drink)
  • White candle (Recommended: Raine and River Apothecary’s Abundance candle)


Recipe and Ritual

Prepare a warm bath speaking your intentions into the water as you add a few splashes of Florida Water and several drops of essential oil. When the bath is filled to your desired amount, coat the top of the water with the white and red roses. Place your rose quartz somewhere you can see it while you’re soaking. You can even place it on your heart chakra as you soak, but is it not recommended to leave rose quartz submerged in water for long periods of time. A nice idea might be to place the rose quartz near the white candle, creating a pop-up altar of self-love in your bathroom.


Once everything is prepared, soak in the bath for 20-40 minutes. Repeat affirmations of self-love out loud as you soak. Play your favorite music and allow your soul to be replenished so your cup is overflowing with love. Afterward, air dry or use a white towel to pat dry. Use your favorite moisturizer and take special care to massage your body and acknowledge the love that you bring to this world and yourself. Then you can take the evening wherever your lovely heart desires! 

Remember, love is what you make it. So, start with loving yourself unapologetically, and then bring that fresh, electric wholeness to a relationship with another whole, and watch the fireworks sparkle. Happy Valentine’s Day!