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Must Have Herbs, Crystals, and Other Elements for Aquarius Season

Aquarius season is upon us and with it brings forth humanitarianism and the desire for equality.

Ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the 11th zodiac sign brings out the revolutionary in all of us. Aquarians are seekers of the “big picture” of life, who live from the heart, and want to be friends with everyone along the journey. While we may be inspired to uplift humanity at this time and create lifelong connections, there are earthly elements that can assist in our conquest. So, what are some of Mother Earth’s beautiful gifts we can use to bring out the very best Aquarian traits in all of us this season.  



Chickweed and Aquarius have one thing in common – circulation. The air sign rules circulation and the annual plant native to Europe offers significant health benefits, including healthy circulation. 


Rooibos, also known as red tea or red bush tea, has been consumed in southern Africa for centuries. It’s great for Aquarius season because of its heart health benefits, which have been said to protect against cancer, heart disease and stroke. 


Eucalyptus is an intoxicating scent that can promote relaxation. For the Aquarians that get a little overzealous in their humanitarian pursuits, a nice cup of eucalyptus tea or aromatherapy from this evergreen tree can bring this air sign back down to earth. 



Amethyst is an excellent crystal for this season because it brings Aquarians in touch with their intuition and spirituality. It can help to see the big picture clearly. 


Moldavite is a natural glass that some consider a Godsend to earth because it helps uplift the energy of the planet Earth. It aligns nicely with the Aquarius worldview of harmony and equality for all. 



Copper has heart health benefits like rooibos, and can improve blood circulation like chickweed. For Aquarius season it’s particularly useful for its ability to transfer spiritual energy between individuals, with crystals, for the mind, and the collective. 


Use your intuition this Aquarius season. What elements call to you? Whatever it is you choose, know that tapping into Aquarian energy gets at the center of the heart, and there’s always a need for more love in this world.