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Cord Cutting Candle
Cord Cutting Candle
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Cord Cutting Candle

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The use of candle magic plus herbs for manifesting the energy of release, elimination & liberation. Cord Cutting uses the element of fire to cut & purify, This candle is appropriate for cutting ties to people, places, things – as well as outdated beliefs, feelings & ideas. It’s a powerful tool to use in soul retrieval work where one needs to revisit and cut ties with trauma that the soul has sustained in this lifetime or others. As you light Cord Cutting, imagine a white string attached to your navel tethered to that which you want to be untethered. If the target is something you’re not fully aware of, then imagine the string entering a black hole to which your subconscious can follow while you set the intentions that it finds what you cannot “see.” As Cord Cutting burns, imagine the flame moving along the string and following it to the other end. . .

With the fire, one is liberated and all parties involved are purified, transformed & released.


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